Closed Sunday

The following pubs are closed on Sunday.

Lots of International beer (US, UK, Belgium, etc) but some local ones as well.

Brewers Inc  New entry in the Guide in 2017 Closed Sunday Closed Monday

Connected to Næstved Bryghus which brews the house beers. Currently, strictly pay-as-you go (no running a tab) and no WiFi.

Brewpub that brews some interesting beers along with the usual brewpub standards.

Dia'legd  WiFi available New entry in the Guide in 2015 Closed Sunday Closed Monday Has an unusual or regional beer on tap.

Serves beer from Bryggeriet Refsvindinge. Prices are very reasonable for Copenhagen.

Cafe Globen  Full menu WiFi available Closed Sunday On the To Do List

Traveler's club cafe. Bartenders are all volunteer members of the club.

Eclectic mix of mostly decent beers, with Danish craft beer among the 10 taps. Big selection of British and Belgian bottled beers.

Despite it's name the Lord Nelson specializes in Danish beer. Nelson shelled Copenhagen and destroyed the Danish fleet in the harbor. Sort of like opening a pub called the General Sherman in Savannah, Georgia. Allows smoking but non-smoking on Monday and Friday before 10pm.

Nordvest Ølbar  WiFi available New entry in the Guide in 2017 Closed Sunday Closed Monday

Locals pub off the main street in the ground floor of an apartment block. Mostly Danish craft beer with the odd German and American beer in the mix.

The "Beer Carpenter" was a brewpub but the brewery is now in another location and has become a sort of Co-op with many brewing companies using it. Lots of interesting beers. On Monday large beers are the price of a small.

Peders   WiFi available New entry in the Guide in 2017 Closed Sunday Closed Monday

Pegasus  Full menu Live Music Closed Sunday

Neighborhood tapas restaurant with an eclectic beer selection.

Restuarant Barr  Full menu New entry in the Guide in 2017 Closed Sunday Closed Monday On the To Do List

Restaurant at the former site of Noma (and René Redzepi, the chef at Noma is a partner). Eclectic beer selection.

TAP10  WiFi available Closed Sunday Closed Monday

A "Nordic Beer Bar" that have beers from Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Sampler of any 5 beers for DKK 100