Pubs on 10 Bus Line

This line is operated by Movia. A journey planner is here.

Beat Cafe  Closed Monday New entry in the Guide in 2018 On the To Do List

Record shop and beer bar.

Brewpub that brews some interesting beers along with the usual brewpub standards.

Small cozy basement bar not far from the main train station. About 2/3 of the beers are Danish, the rest are mostly quality beers from Germany and Belgium.

Holm Cider  WiFi available Closed Sunday Closed Monday Closed Tuesday New entry in the Guide in 2018

Cider bar and shop with 5 taps of Danish and imported cider.

Second location of Mikkerller's version of a taqueria

Small pub with a selection of Mikkeller beers plus guests.

Japanese Ramen bar transported to Copenhagen by Mikkeller.

Rbabarrab  Full menu WiFi available New entry in the Guide in 2017

Coffee shop with 15 taps of good beer. Food is pizza and sandwiches. Affiliated with the Kihoskh store next door which has an amazing bottle shop.

Three Floyd's & Mikkeller joint venture brewery. Six house beers and 14 guests, mostly Mikkeller and 3 Floyds. Food is Texas style BBQ

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